“Work With Your Member”

“Work With Your Member”

Bell & Williams Associates is a nationwide Credit Union solutions & recovery firm offering recovery, remarketing and pre-repossession services. One specific service our Credit Unions clients are taking advantage of is our “Cure Program”.

The whole goal of the CURE program is to avoid repossession at all costs, and in doing so also curing your Member’s delinquency for the entirety of their loan, assuring that your Member will make future payments in a timely fashion. How BWA is able to cure your Member’s delinquency is by the duel efforts of our field agents as well as our efforts from our highly trained in-house collection staff. Our team working together is able to relay the severity of the situation to your Member is such a way that their auto loan will take precedence every month. Unlike a typical door knock service, we provide a rehabilitative education for the Member.

Most of our clients will place the account with our office 10 days prior to assigning repossession, or at the time you would normally assign a vehicle for repossession. As our office works the account, we will be able to identify your Members  true intention and willingness to pay their auto loan. We will work with your Member as the Credit Union would, giving them every opportunity to bring their loan current.

Published By: Adam Herbert